Minions-swap (MIS) ecology

Minions-swap is a decentralized trading product based on the Ethereum network, which caters to the ecological construction of the fast-developing track DeFi+NFT, based on the dual-chain basic model of the Huobi ecological chain Heco and the Ethereum public chain, and innovative liquidity mining The “dual mining mechanism” of mining and NFT cloud computing power mining. Users experience wonderful games while enjoying collection and non-destructive mining income.

Game ecology
Minions.NFT, as a non-homogeneous token (ie card) and props in the game, is an important circulation certificate for building a cross-game ecosystem. At the same time, the card is also a cloud computing power/tool ​​token, participating in the computing power market Economic and ecological model.

Pledge ecology
Minions will subsequently add a staking mechanism for mining token incentives.
²Choose to pledge ETH, USDT, BTC, MIS to obtain Minions.NFT (card)
Or pledge ETH, USDT, BTC, MIS to get MIS tokens.

Liquidity mining ecology
In the first stage of Minions, the initial governance token MIS will be generated through liquid mining, attracting a large number of “miners” and “farmers” to participate. The initial governance token generated by liquid mining is a fairer and more transparent way. While mining obtains high profits, it has a stronger sense of game experience and interest, and encourages users to participate more and more continuously.

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